Alpha Omega Publications SCI0904 Work & Energy

It s about time! The study of historical geology and measuring ancient time is the focus of the informative Lifepac General Science III Unit 3 Worktext. This fun consumable worktext also investigates fossils sedimentary rock and changes in the earth s crust. Step-by-step lessons include interesting hands-on experiments. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: […]

Alpha Omega Publications EL 9404 Art 1 Design and Composition

Introduce your students to the works of the great American authors! Linking the rise of Western Civilization with their writings each Lifepac will move students towards a better understanding of the various genres and period writings in American history. Students will gain an understanding of the featured authors writings lives and culture during each literary […]

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 1007 The Industrial Revolution

Look no further for a fun step-by-step way to teach your tenth grader about the Industrial Revolution! The Lifepac World History Unit 7 Worktext is just what you need. This engaging print-based worktext offers clear interesting lessons which clearly explain the people and events of this important time period. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade […]

Alpha Omega Publications WS 001 Supplement, Volume 1

This book has been designed to be used in connection with The Weaver Curriculum. The activities and objectives suggested in the Sixth Grade level may serve as a starting point for the 7-12 Grade student with the student progressing to encompass the activities and areas of study suggested within this book. To unify your home […]

Alpha Omega Publications MAT 1107 Quadratic Relations and Systems

Does your eleventh grader labor with understanding distance formulas? Does he need help with quadratic relations and systems? The Lifepac Algebra II Unit 7 Worktext conquers these difficult algebraic concepts and more! Step-by-step instructions in this print-based consumable worktext make math fun again! Includes reviews and tests. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 11th Grade.