What Matters?

Over the past decade, religious, secular, and spiritual distinctions have broken down, forcing scholars to rethink secularity and its relationship to society. Since classifying a person, activity, or experience as religious or otherwise is an important act of valuation, one that defines the characteristics of a group and its relation to others, scholars are struggling […]

Home Education in Deutschland

Die Idee des Homeschooling hat auch in Deutschland eine kleine, aber langsam wachsende Zahl von Anhngern gefunden. Die Arbeit ist die erste breit angelegte Studie, die Auskunft gibt ber Entwicklungsweg und Gestalt der deutschen Home Education-Bewegung. Im Zentrum stehen die Fragen nach den Motiven fr die Wahl dieser Bildungsform, nach der Gestaltung des individuellen Lernens […]

God’s Harvard

Since 2000, America’s most ambitious young evangelicals have been making their way to Patrick Henry College, a small Christian school just outside the nation’s capital. Most of them are homeschoolers whose idealism and discipline put the average American teenager to shame. And God’s Harvard grooms these students to be the elite of tomorrow, dispatching them […]

The Facts of Life

As Blair Warner on The Facts of Life , Lisa Whelchel matured from a snobby prep schooler to a responsible adult. Now the actress recounts the journey she’s made in real life, from a shy, small-town girl in Texas to the glamorous life of fame and fortune in Hollywood — and finally to suburban life […]

African Americans and Homeschooling

Despite greater access to formal education, both disadvantaged and middle-class black students continue to struggle academically, causing a growing number of black parents to turn to homeschooling. This book is an in-depth exploration of the motivations behind black parents’ decision to educate their children at home and the strategies they’ve developed to overcome potential obstacles. […]