Menudo Gas-What A Gas Spanish Kit Homeschool Experiments

What A Gas Spanish Kit Homeschool Experiments Clearance- Over 50% OFF- While Supplies Last! Be a scientist and solve the mystery of the self-inflating balloons! Have a blast while expanding your science understanding. All printed material is in Spanish. This Instant Science kit includes: see-through, self-inflating balloon printed, self-inflating balloon plastic balloon holder 2 chemical […]

Balancing Numbers Experiment Kit and Study Guide By Artec

Balancing Numbers Experiment Kit and Study GuideBy Artec Educational Use this kit to perform experiments with weight, balance, and physics. Sudents will gain a better understanding of of weight as they try out different object on the scale. Follow the included study guide to perform various experiments. Learn how to make the scale balance evenly […]

No More Prisons : Urban Life, Homeschooling, Hip-Hop Leadership, the Cool Rich Kids Movement, a Hitchhiker’s Guide to Community Organizi

Buy No More Prisons by William Upski Wimsatt in Paperback for the low price of 13.95. Find this product in Political Science > Essays, Penology.

Refuting Evolution

A creationist response to the National Academy of Science’s Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science. The latter, distributed nationwide to thousands of public school teachers, is an effort to saturate students with evolutionary concepts. Refuting Evolution is a cogent rebuttal, carefully examining the points raised in the NAS booklet: science and religion; natural […]

What Matters?

Over the past decade, religious, secular, and spiritual distinctions have broken down, forcing scholars to rethink secularity and its relationship to society. Since classifying a person, activity, or experience as religious or otherwise is an important act of valuation, one that defines the characteristics of a group and its relation to others, scholars are struggling […]