Alpha Omega Publications EL 9802 FACS LP 5, The Clothes You Sew

Give your teen a head start in the kitchen with the Lifepac Family and Consumer Science Unit 2 Worktext. Presented in an engaging easy-to-follow format this practical Lifepac worktext covers kitchen skills and equipment recipes and meal management-everyday life skills that every young student needs to develop. Format: Paperback.

Alpha Omega Publications SCI 0706 Weather

If your child wants to learn about the workings of the weather in a fun and engaging way then order the Lifepac General Science I Unit 6 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications. Self-paced and informative this comprehensive homeschool science curriculum also includes tests. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 7th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 0407 Mountain Countries

Does your fourth grader wonder what it s like to live in the mountains? If so just teach the Lifepac 4th Grade History and Geography Unit 7 Worktext! This full-color print-based worktext contains interesting informative lessons about mountain living focusing on the three countries of Peru Nepal and Switzerland. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade […]

Alpha Omega Publications SCI0820 2012 SOS 8th Grade Math

Does your student have an interest in how science works in technology? Then he needs the Lifepac General Science II Unit 10 Worktext! This vibrant print-based worktext uses consumable lessons to teach your child about basic science physical science vocations in science and more! Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 8th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 0509 The End of The Millennium

Do you want your fifth grader to understand America s situation from the time of Watergate to the Persian Gulf War? Teach history the right way with the Lifepac 5th Grade History and Geography Unit 9 Worktext. Lessons also cover detente economic problems and the fall of Communism. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: […]