Alpha Omega Publications SCI 1206 Static Electricity

Does your student wonder how static electricity really works? Then teach him with the consumable Lifepac 12th Grade Science Unit 6 Worktext! This fun-to-learn print-based worktext brings fundamentals of static electricity to your student with step-by-step lessons on charges and electric fields. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 12th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications SCI 0405 Electricity and Magnetism

Want to teach your fourth grader about electricity? Then spark up his lessons with the Lifepac 4th Grade Science Unit 5 Worktext! This bright print-based booklet will help explain electrons currents and circuits to your student. Lessons also cover topics such as magnets lightning light bulbs and more. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: […]

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 0804 The Gilded Age to Progressive Era

Does your school child love learning about history and geography? Then get him the Lifepac U.S. History Unit 4 Worktext! Your student will enjoy learning intriguing facts about America s foundation through captivating consumable lessons. This print-based colorful worktext includes tests. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 8th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications EL 9306 Acct. 9 Payroll Accounting, Taxes, and Reports

Set your students on the path to a secure financial future. Lifepacs provide sound instruction on long-and short-term financial savvy moving from the basics of money management to business simulation by the end of the course. Broken into easy-to-digest lessons lessons provide the foundations for day-to-day financial wisdom as well as more specialized skills. Grades […]

Alpha Omega Publications WF 001 Teacher s Friend

Learning how to use unit studies can take a bit of time. This little helper can make the difference in getting started with The Weaver Curriculum. Complete instructions are given for starting your home school from opening binders to opening minds.