Alpha Omega Publications SCI 1206 Static Electricity

Does your student wonder how static electricity really works? Then teach him with the consumable Lifepac 12th Grade Science Unit 6 Worktext! This fun-to-learn print-based worktext brings fundamentals of static electricity to your student with step-by-step lessons on charges and electric fields. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 12th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications SCI 0405 Electricity and Magnetism

Want to teach your fourth grader about electricity? Then spark up his lessons with the Lifepac 4th Grade Science Unit 5 Worktext! This bright print-based booklet will help explain electrons currents and circuits to your student. Lessons also cover topics such as magnets lightning light bulbs and more. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: […]

100 Homeschool Biology Prepared Microscope Slides – Set E

Wide assortment of specimen glass slides of animal tissues, insect parts, plant parts, etc. for students to learn science Specimens are on 1 x 3 (25mm x 75mm) glass slides with correct color and sharp images Wooden box included for keeping the slides safe and secure Name of the specimen included on each slide so […]

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 0804 The Gilded Age to Progressive Era

Does your school child love learning about history and geography? Then get him the Lifepac U.S. History Unit 4 Worktext! Your student will enjoy learning intriguing facts about America s foundation through captivating consumable lessons. This print-based colorful worktext includes tests. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 8th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications EL 9306 Acct. 9 Payroll Accounting, Taxes, and Reports

Set your students on the path to a secure financial future. Lifepacs provide sound instruction on long-and short-term financial savvy moving from the basics of money management to business simulation by the end of the course. Broken into easy-to-digest lessons lessons provide the foundations for day-to-day financial wisdom as well as more specialized skills. Grades […]