Friends With Boys

After an idyllic childhood of homeschooling with her mother and roughhousing with her older brothers, it’s time for Maggie McKay to face the outside world, all on her own. But that means facing high school first. And it also means solving the mystery of the melancholy ghost who has silently followed Maggie throughout her entire […]

The Homeschool Liberation League

After a summer at Wilderness Camp, thirteenyear- old Katya decides that she absolutely cannot go back to school. At school she can"t eradicate invasive alien plants, go on foraged-food-finding missions, or just be herself. Her parents, despite being school kind of people, are willing to give it a try, but Katya has to stick to […]

This Is My Home, This Is My School

Drawing from his own childhood experiences, Jonathan Bean takes the autobiographically inspired family he introduced inBuilding Our House through the special rhythms and routines of a homeschooling day. For young Jonathan and his sisters, Mom is the teacher and a whole lot more, and Dad is the best substitute any kid could want. From math, […]

Dark Times

Emily’s uniquely strange homeschool syllabus includes. 1. Time Travel 1012. Advanced Spy Photography3. Bonnet Basics4. Great-Aunts Through the Ages5. Intro to Germ Theory6. Care and Feeding of? Squito Fish7. Fundamentals of Black Rock8. Spiderweb Embroidery9. Historical & Contemporary Felines10. Pop Quizzes11. Foodstuffs of the 1790s12. Thwarting Ancestral Enemies13. Techniques in Parallel Universe Management


Announcing the second book in a series about an RV living homeschooling family. Each month brings the Wright family to a new state with a new educational theme to explore and play with. They prove that learning can happen all the time, anywhere, and that being with family is fun! Meet Aidan Wright, age 7: […]