Clay Play! JEWELRY

"A brilliant book. What makes it work so well are the incredibly clear and simple photos. I highly recommend this for anyone who fancies a fun craft they can do with children or just for themselves!" A House of Books "I would definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to get started working with clay. […]

Amazing Stories of the Bible: A Picture That Book

A second Picture That book features the amazing stories from both the Old and New Testament. It is for all those kids who loved the first one. All the same icon features and easy readability are here for their enjoyment. Excellent for Homeschool Use

The Buddy Book

The Buddy Book is all about relationships-why they"re important, how lousy your life can be if they"re crummy, what makes a good one, and how God is the Counselor for all of them. "Excellent for Homeschool Use"

Women Heroes of World War I

A commemoration of brave yet largely forgotten women who served in the First World WarIn time for the 2014 centennial of the start of the Great War, this book brings to life the brave and often surprising exploits of 16 fascinating women from around the world who served their countries at a time when most […]

Ben Carson

Read how Ben Carson, an African-American, was able to accomplish his dream through faith and determination. ‘Excellent for Homeschool Use’