The First Day of Homeschool

The First Day of Homeschool

The Red Pyramid

Since his mother?s death six years ago, Carter Kane has been living out of a suitcase, traveling the globe with his father, the brilliant Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane. But while Carter?s been homeschooled, his younger sister, Sadie, has been living with their grandparents in London. Sadie has just what Carter wants? school friends and a […]

Adventures of the Homeschoolers: The Genie in the Teapot

Join the adventures of 10-year-old Freya and her 8-year-old brother Heath as they are drawn into a world of genies, pirates, long-lost Grandmothers and family history projects! A fantasy adventure story starring home educated children, for home educated children – and anyone else who loves a good story. Following on from the author’s previous book […]


Capricorn Cap Anderson has been homeschooled by his hippie grandmother, Rain. When Rain is injured in a fall, Cap is forced to attend the local middle school. Although he knows a lot about Zen Buddhism, nothing has prepared him for the politics of public school.

Girlz Want to Know

Written for girls ages 8-12, Girlz Want to Know provides answers to questions about friends, family, and faith, as well as changing bodies, boys, and the future. This is a companion product for the Young Women of Faith series. "Excellent for Homeschool Use"