Best Friends for Life

The alarming state of marriage has prompted bestselling novelist and homeschool pioneer Michael Phillips to create a new strategy for finding a mate. This book develops what some may view as revolutionary ideas about parental involvement in dating and courtship. These challenging and bold alternatives will provide a new perspective for a lasting foundation to […]

Love in a Time of Homeschooling

In a world where homeschooling’ is so often misunderstood, discounted, and even ridiculed, Laura Brodie offers a clear-eyed view and makes a valuable contribution to the literature on the subject. This is necessary reading for anyone with an interest not just in homeschooling but in education generally. David Guterson As a parent involved in homeschooling, […]

Choosing Home

Martha Kennedy Hartnett is the mother of a child with AS who made the courageous choice to homeschool. Emerging from the author’s personal experience, this book is a step by step account of successful home education. It will take you into the homes of Asperger families as they journey from survival of the playground bully […]

Formation of Character

Formation of Character is the fifth volume of Charlotte Mason’s Homeschooling series. The chapters stand alone and are valuable to parents of children of all ages. Part I includes case studies of children (and adults) who cured themselves of bad habits. Part II is a series of reflections on subjects including both schooling and vacations […]

How to Grow a Young Music Lover

How to Grow a Young Music Lover is the ideal guide for parents who want to boost their children’s education through music; parents who want to aid in their children’s cognitive, motor, and creative development; parents who love music and want their children to do the same; and parents who wish they knew more about […]