Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0602 Forming New Words

Is your sixth grader ready to learn about prefixes and suffixes? Try the Lifepac 6th Grade Language Arts Unit 2 Worktext! This vibrant, print-based booklet is brimming with quality, easy-to-understand lessons on such important topics as prefixes, suffixes, adjectives, and more! Tests are included. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 6th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0705 Literature

If you want your child to clearly know the differences between formal and informal English, as well as eliminate redundant expressions from his writing, Alpha Omega Publications can help. The Lifepac 7th Grade Language Arts Unit 5 Worktext covers verb tenses and subject-verb agreement. Tests included. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 7th Grade.

The Old World and America

The Old World And America tells the story of the Western World from the beginning of mankind-through Greek and Roman civilization, the coming of Christ and founding of the Catholic Church, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the discovery and exploration of America, the New World. An excellent resource for Catholic homeschoolers.

Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0303 Words – Getting To The Roots

Teach your child to alphabetize to the third letter, use dictionary guidewords, and more with the Lifepac 3rd Grade Language Arts Unit 3 Worktext. It continues with grammar and composition skills where the second booklet ends. This colorfully illustrated homeschool curriculum is sure to entertain your child while he learns. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 3rd […]

Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0702 The Nature Of English

Speaking and writing clearly depends on choosing the right words. Help your seventh grader master word usage with the Lifepac 7th Grade Language Arts Unit 2 Worktext. This outstanding homeschool curriculum bestseller integrates grammar, literature, spelling, vocabulary, and writing?all into one. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 7th Grade.