The Buddy Book

The Buddy Book is all about relationships-why they"re important, how lousy your life can be if they"re crummy, what makes a good one, and how God is the Counselor for all of them. "Excellent for Homeschool Use"

Sophie and the New Girl

A new girl joins the film club, and she’s witty, unique-and bizarre. So when the new girl is accused of theft, the Pops (and even some Flakes) are only too happy to turn against her. Sophie finally understands her, and changes here heart-but can she identify the real thief?"Excellent for Homeschool Use"

Home Education : Volume I of Charlotte Mason’s Homeschooling Series

Buy Home Education by Charlotte Mason in Paperback for the low price of 14.95. Find this product in Education > Home Schooling, Christian Education – Children & Youth, Parent Participation.

No Greater Joy

To respond to the many letters that Michael and Debi Pearl received after publishing their first book, To Train Up a Child, they started the No Greater Joy magazine. No Greater Joy Volume Two includes articles from the first two years of publication and covers the subjects of rowdy boys, homeschooling, grief, and much more.

The Last

Josephine Cousteau is a nine-year-old girl who lives in a time when all children are homeschooled through a virtual, web-based program. Having no siblings, extended family, or friends, Jo’s life is very lonely. She loves her parents, but her father, a famous oceanographer, is gone for long periods of time, working on a mysterious project. […]