Striker Jones

Striker Jones is a resourceful boy who can’t help but be drawn into mysteries! Along with his friends Bill, Sheila, and Amy, Striker must use his wits to solve the many intriguing puzzles – and even crimes – that come his way. Unlike most boys, however, he draws upon his knowledge of basic economics to […]

College-Prep Homeschooling

Chandra Byers is a homeschooling mother of six, and David Byers has a Ph.D. in education and teaches education at the college level. Their oldest is now attending college on a scholarship, after having been homeschooled all her life. With their combination of experience and expertise, they show us how parents can continue to homeschool […]

Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book

Buy Dr. Beechick’s Homeschool Answer Book by Ruth Beechick in Paperback for the low price of 8.78. Find this product in Education > Home Schooling, Curricula, Non-Formal Education.

A Daughter for Christmas

Dr. Max Connors had no idea he"d fathered a child thirteen years ago. Or that his baby girl had been given up for adoption. He locates his daughter in a small Oklahoma town and moves there, hoping to become a part of her life. But when he meets her widowed mother, Max is unsure how […]

The ABC’s of Homeschooling

One of a parent’s greatest concerns is the education of their children. More moms and dads than ever are now considering homeschooling as an option. But how can they know if it’s right for their kids? To help in that decision, a veteran home educator shares the basics parents need to know about homeschooling, addressing […]