Cooking Up U.S. History

The second edition of this popular book contains loads of recipes, readings, and resources. Students will delight in preparing their own porridge and pudding; making candles, soap, and ink; or trying out the pioneers" recipe for sourdough biscuits as they explore different periods in U.S. history. An ideal supplement for social studies classes and homeschoolers.

Homeschooling for Success: How Parents Can Create a Superior Education for Their Child

For the more than two million parents who currently homeschool their children-and the countless others who are considering this educational option-the founders of the #1 homeschooling Web site,, present a comprehensive, nondenominational guide that can help anyone create a customized education to suit the strengths and weaknesses of their child.

Girlz Rock

In this ninety-day devotional, devotions like "Who Am I?" help pave the spiritual walk of life, and the "Girl Talk" feature poses questions that really bring each message home. No matter how bad things get, you can always count on God."Excellent for Homeschool Use"

Happy Hoosier Mapping Skills: On the Road to Success with Indiana Mapping and Community Trivia

Fun with map skills! Get an Indiana map and prepare for some mapping fun kids will actually enjoy. Have you ever seen a picture and wondered where it was taken from? This book lets you have some fun using map skills while visiting different communities around Indiana. This book is a great supplement to any […]

Spectrum Geography, Grade 3

Spectrum Geography: Communities for students in grade 3 strengthens geography skills by focusing on types of communities, landforms, oceans and rivers, the environment, map skills, and more. Spectrum Geography helps young learners improve and strengthen their geography skills like never before! Each book features easy-to-understand directions, full-color illustrations, maps, and perforated pages for easy removal. […]