Saving Schools

Saving Schools traces the story of the rise, decline, and potential resurrection of American public schools through the lives and ideas of six mission-driven reformers: Horace Mann, John Dewey, Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Shanker, William Bennett, and James Coleman. Yet schools did not become the efficient, egalitarian, and high-quality educational institutions these reformers envisioned. […]

The Heart of Homeschooling

Speaking from both his heart and many years of practical experience as a home school father of seven, Chris Klicka walks the walk as he shows how we must live in light of eternity and make every single day count. Demonstrating in a very practical way with sound biblical principles, Chris encourages husbands to unconditionally […]

Heidi Heckelbeck has a Secret

After being homeschooled her whole life, Heidi Heckelbeck enters a real school in second grade, where she encounters a mean girl named Melanie who makes her feel like an alien.

Perspectives on Your Child’s Education

In Perspectives on a Child?s Education, proponents of four very different learning options present their faith-based positions on how a parent should answer the question, ?Where should I send my child to school Troy Temple (International Center for Youth Ministry) is convinced every Christian parent should consider public schooling. G. Tyler Fischer (Veritas Academy) believes […]

Cubop City Blues

Poet and novelist Pablo Medina?s Cubop City Blues, fuses raw, passionate language and elegant lyricism to breathe life into a musically disguised New York City, shaped by jazz masters, refugees, and storytellers. Our guide into Cubop City is The Storyteller, born nearly blind and shrouded in his mother?s guilt. He?s homeschooled inside his parents? crumbling […]