Big Bad Bible Giants

Teach boys how to conquer the giants in their own lives with this factual book all about giants in the Bible and more in the 252 series for boys. 'Excellent for Homeschool Use'


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No Sweat Home Schooling

No Sweat Home Schooling

Expanded and Updated Second Edition! - The decision to home school your kids is one you?ll never regret, though the path can often be confusing and frustrating. I fully believe that homeschooling should be as much fun for you as it is for your children. After all, you?ll be spending many hours each week together learning new things. Why make it bland and boring? Instead, with a bit of ingenuity you can turn even the smallest everyday task into a learning opportunity that sticks with your children for life. This is what No Sweat Home Schooling is all about. I look forward to sharing my experiences and ideas with you! Welcome to this second edition of No-Sweat Home Schooling - The Cheap, Free & Low Stress Way To Teach Your Kids! When I wrote the first edition I had no idea how popular the book would become! My only intention was to offer some down-to-earth help and guidance for other homeschooling parents. Now the book is featured on many homeschooling blogs and websites, and has been #1 on Amazon's Kindle list in Parenting and Relationships, #1 on the Kindle Education and Reference list, and #1 on the Homeschooling list. Wow! *In this updated version I've added a few things, checked links to be sure they were still active, and included even more wonderful home schooling resources*

Teen Study Bible

Teen Study Bible

The #1 selling Bible for teens, now available in the New King James Version. Full of study features that help today?s teen learn more about God, the Bible, and how God?s Word relates to their lives, the NKJV Teen Study Bible helps teens build a strong daily relationship with God. Excellent for homeschool use.


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