Action Art

Action Art Action Art: Hands-On Active Art Adventures is A Collection of Over 100 Active Hands-On Art Experiences for Children 2-12, Full of Adventure, Movement, and Discovery. FOR SCHOOLS HOMESCHOOLS MUSEUMS LIBRARIES CHILDCARE HOME Shelving: ART ACTIVITIES EDUCATION PARENTINGOver 100 action-packed art activities bring discovery and adventurous creativity to children?s art experiences that will delight and challenge kids of all ages. Each child-tested art activity is grouped into engaging action categories including:1.) Smacking Squeezing Tapping2.) Rolling Spinning Swinging3.) Blowing Exploding Smooshing4.) Tools Toys Utensils5.) Up Down All AroundFull color photographs highlight all activities including painting, photography, collage and sculpture, each with helpful icons indicating levels for both children and adults. Action Art experiences are built on the knowledge that art for children is a creative process and not just a finished product. MaryAnn Kohl is famous around the world for encouraging children to experience creative art exploration best known as process art?Action Art offers 5 chapters of exciting and adventurous creative art activities, all with surprise outcomes, includingBlowing GlitterDancing BlottosBubble Wrap Boot WalkClear Color Squish

History of the United States

History of the United States Books containing words of one syllable proliferated in the late nineteenth century as a way to teach children to read. Today, these books still serve that purpose and are very popular with homeschoolers and parents as a way to promote reading. In this popular book from 1884, one-syllable words tell the history of the struggles and triumphs of the United States, touching on historic highlights from the land's sighting by Norsemen, through the times of the Pilgrims, and the Indian, Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Patriotic, informative, and historical, with multi-syllable words broken up into single syllables, this children's book remains a useful educational tool for teaching American history. Author Josephine Pollard wrote several one-syllable history books for children, as well as numerous juvenile biblical stories. Her History of the United States includes half a dozen illustrations of key events, and can be appreciated by book-lovers and history-lovers of any age.

Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0604 Sentences

Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0604 Sentences Is your sixth grader having a little trouble with the finer points of sentences? The Lifepac 6th Grade Language Arts Unit 4 Worktext can help! This entertaining, print-based consumable is packed with lessons on such important topics as punctuation, capitals, and more! Tests are included. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 6th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications MAT 0807 2012 SOS 8th Grade Science

Alpha Omega Publications MAT 0807 2012 SOS 8th Grade Science Is your homeschool student ready for integers? Are you ready to teach it to them? You will be ready with Lifepac Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry Unit 7 Worktext! This easy-to-follow curriculum uses a consumable approach to teach your middle school student math. This print-based worktext includes tests. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 8th Grade.

Strokes of Lightning

Strokes of Lightning Strokes of Lightning: Amazing Hero Stories The Bay Area Young Writers Anthology Volume I: Welcome to the wonderful imagination of Bay Area Young Writers! These characters and many more are the heroes in this collection of writings by 37 children, ages 6 to 13. Strokes of Lightning is the first anthology published for the Bay Area Young Writers Club, a growing community with over 100 members. These stories are culled from the many workshops that we teach in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our workshops include a weekly homeschooling group, a persuasive essay course, an after-school creative writing class at the Chinese American International School, Bay Area Young Writers Workshops, as well as a plethora of free workshops offered since 2009. Our dedicated young writers and their parents travel from all over the Bay Area to our programs in Mountain View, California. While our writers show varying levels of skill, all the entries represent hours of creative effort and revision. For us, what is most important is that these children are inspired to write for fun and can articulate their thoughts and ideas with power, clarity, and ease. Below are excerpts from Strokes of Lightning: Excerpt from The School of Diamonds ~ Julian Pennington (Age 12) Joe walked by the janitor?s room as he was going to his P.E. class. He heard people talking from the janitor?s room, but it didn?t sound like students. It sounded like thirty to forty adults talking and arguing. He looked through the vents to see a shiny metal door with a green, glowing, pulsating card insert as well as a number pad and a rectangular slot. This was strange because Mrs. Jones went in the janitor?s room almost every day. As he took a closer look, he noticed four security cameras, one in each corner. One was pointing directly at him! He knew the only way he could not be caught was to venture forward. He used a paperclip to pick the janitor?s room lock. After at least a minute, he had done it. Now I have to take out the c