Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0709 2012 SOS 7th Grade Language Arts

Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0709 2012 SOS 7th Grade Language Arts Improving your seventh grader's writing skill is easy with the Lifepac 7th Grade Language Arts Unit 9 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications. This consumable, print-based booklet will teach your child about sentence types and paragraph quality. It also covers pronunciation. Tests are included. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 7th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 0707 Social Sciences Review

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 0707 Social Sciences Review Is it time for your seventh grader to learn about economics? Alpha Omega Publications can make this difficult subject come to life with the Lifepac 7th Grade History and Geography Unit 7 Worktext. Packed with information this consumable worktext includes self-checks and a teacher-administered test. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 7th Grade.

Perspectives on Your Child’s Education

Perspectives on Your Child's Education In Perspectives on a Child?s Education, proponents of four very different learning options present their faith-based positions on how a parent should answer the question, ?Where should I send my child to school Troy Temple (International Center for Youth Ministry) is convinced every Christian parent should consider public schooling. G. Tyler Fischer (Veritas Academy) believes open admission Christian schools are best for Christians and non-Christians alike. Mark Eckel (Mahseh Center) favors covenantal Christian schools that don't enroll non-Christians. Michael Wilder (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) advocates homeschooling. For each contributor?s chapter, a counterpoint chapter from the other contributors follows with a goal of determining which view is most in line with what the Bible teaches.

Light Rays Reflection & Refraction with Study Guide By Artec

Light Rays Reflection & Refraction with Study Guide By Artec Light Rays Reflection & Refraction with Study GuideBy Artec Educational Students will learn all about mirrors, light rays, reflection, and refraction! Use the included study guide to direct you through various experiments that will aid the learning process. Use the included mirrors and learn how to utilize multiple mirrors to change the way the reflection of objects looks. Then use the included LED light to learn about shadows and light reflection and refraction. Finally, use a prism to bend light rays and make a rainbow! This kit and study guide are perfect for classroom lessons, homeschool settings, and even for an educational afternoon activity with your kids! We are very impressed with the quality of materials and especially the educational value of the curriculum the study guide offers! For ages 6 and up. You will need to provide a clear cup, water, a straw, scissors, a marker, paper, and tape. Artec's line of science educational supplies for classrooms are a great source for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and curriculum development for elementary, middle, and high schools. Artec is dedicated to developing a hands-on educational experience through their fun and innovative line of products.

Cubop City Blues

Cubop City Blues Poet and novelist Pablo Medina?s Cubop City Blues, fuses raw, passionate language and elegant lyricism to breathe life into a musically disguised New York City, shaped by jazz masters, refugees, and storytellers. Our guide into Cubop City is The Storyteller, born nearly blind and shrouded in his mother?s guilt. He?s homeschooled inside his parents? crumbling apartment with a European housekeeper, and educated through The Encyclopedia Britannica, The Bible, and The Arabian Nights. When he?s twenty-five, his mother and father, both Cuban exiles, are diagnosed with cancer, and The Storyteller alone is left to care for them. He does so by telling them stories, conceived from the prolific reading that allowed his imagination to deepen and flourish despite little contact with the outside world. Through his tales?full of magic, sorrow, longing, and romance?Cubop City surges colorfully to life. Molded in the cadence and harmony of Afro-Cuban jazz, Cubop City Blues is a symphonic portrait of a bustling urban landscape and the intimate lives and stories that give a city its voice.