Perspectives on Your Child’s Education

In Perspectives on a Child?s Education, proponents of four very different learning options present their faith-based positions on how a parent should answer the question, ?Where should I send my child to school Troy Temple (International Center for Youth Ministry) is convinced every Christian parent should consider public schooling. G. Tyler Fischer (Veritas Academy) believes […]

Light Rays Reflection & Refraction with Study Guide By Artec

Light Rays Reflection & Refraction with Study GuideBy Artec Educational Students will learn all about mirrors, light rays, reflection, and refraction! Use the included study guide to direct you through various experiments that will aid the learning process. Use the included mirrors and learn how to utilize multiple mirrors to change the way the reflection […]

Cubop City Blues

Poet and novelist Pablo Medina?s Cubop City Blues, fuses raw, passionate language and elegant lyricism to breathe life into a musically disguised New York City, shaped by jazz masters, refugees, and storytellers. Our guide into Cubop City is The Storyteller, born nearly blind and shrouded in his mother?s guilt. He?s homeschooled inside his parents? crumbling […]

The Unwelcomed Child

MY MOTHER HAD LOOKED INTO THE FACE OF EVIL SO MANY TIMES SHE KNEW WHAT IT WAS. IT WAS ME. I WAS BORN WITHOUT A SOUL. .An edgy new novel from the author who shocked a generation with her groundbreaking Flowers in the Attic saga, The Unwelcomed Child is V.C. Andrews at her surprising, sensual, […]

Take-Home Chemistry

For high school science teachers, homeschoolers, science coordinators, and informal science educators, this collection of 50 inquiry-based labs provides hands-on ways for students to learn science at home—safely. Author Michael Horton promises that students who conduct the labs in Take-Home Chemistry as supplements to classroom instruction will enhance higher-level thinking, improve process skills, and raise […]