Alpha Omega Publications SCI 0502 Plants – Life Cycles

Fuel your student s curiosity about plant life cycles! It s easy with the Lifepac 5th Grade Science Unit 2 Worktext by Alpha Omega Publications. This colorful consumable worktext introduces the classification system for plants studies one-celled plants and explains the life cycles of seed- and spore-producing plants. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: […]

Alpha Omega Publications SCI 0509 Cycles In Nature

Your fifth grader can learn all about the cycles in nature with Lifepac 5th Grade Science Unit 9 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This colorful consumable worktext will introduce and explain the properties of matter the changes in matter natural cycles and God s order in nature. Step-by-step lessons and tests are included. Format: Paperback. […]

Alpha Omega Publications SCI0904 Work & Energy

It s about time! The study of historical geology and measuring ancient time is the focus of the informative Lifepac General Science III Unit 3 Worktext. This fun consumable worktext also investigates fossils sedimentary rock and changes in the earth s crust. Step-by-step lessons include interesting hands-on experiments. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: […]

Alpha Omega Publications EL 9404 Art 1 Design and Composition

Introduce your students to the works of the great American authors! Linking the rise of Western Civilization with their writings each Lifepac will move students towards a better understanding of the various genres and period writings in American history. Students will gain an understanding of the featured authors writings lives and culture during each literary […]

Alpha Omega Publications HIS 1007 The Industrial Revolution

Look no further for a fun step-by-step way to teach your tenth grader about the Industrial Revolution! The Lifepac World History Unit 7 Worktext is just what you need. This engaging print-based worktext offers clear interesting lessons which clearly explain the people and events of this important time period. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade […]