Alpha Omega Publications LAN 0610 Looking Back

If your sixth grader is ready to review everything he’s learned in language arts, try the Alpha Omega 6th Grade Language Arts Unit 10 Worktext! This entertaining, print-based booklet is packed with easy-to-understand lessons covering such important topics as writing letters, punctuation, and more! Tests are included. Format: PaperBack. Grade Level: 6th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications EL2301 Consumer Math LP 4

If you re ready to introduce your high school student to consumer math the Lifepac Consumer Math Unit 1 Worktext is just what you need! This concept-building print-based text offers a complete refresher of basic arithmetic skills introduces mental search skills and teaches creative manipulation skills. Tests are included. Format: Paperback.

Alpha Omega Publications MAT 0301 Add- Subtract To 18, Place Value

Teach your third grade child what digits are with the Lifepac 3rd Grade Math Unit 1 Worktext. This easy-to-handle booklet will review addition and subtraction facts measurements and telling time as well as teach new concepts. Five lessons and tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 3rd Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications SCI 0402 Animals

Teach your fourth grader what mammals vertebrates and invertebrates are with the Lifepac 4th Grade Science Unit 2 Worktext! This full-color print-based text helps explain different animal structures animal actions and animal behavior. Lesson topics include fish birds insects animal instincts and more. Tests are included. Format: Paperback. Grade Level: 4th Grade.

Alpha Omega Publications EL 9809 Nutritive Value of Foods

Is caring for children in your teenager s future? Looking for a course that will teach him the basics of child development and childcare? The Lifepac Family and Consumer Science Unit 9 Worktext will give him exactly what he needs-instruction in the stages of development care of children babysitting as a business and safety and […]