Space Projector Set and Study Guide By Artec

Space Projector Set and Study Guide By Artec Space Projector Set and Study GuideBy Artec Educational Students will learn about galaxies, nebula, planets, stars, comets, meteors, and more with this great space set! Follow the included study guide to learn about our solar system's Sun, planets, and many other celestial bodies. Use the included planet observation sheet to gain a visual understanding of night and day on earth, the phases of the moon, and eclipses. Then, read about deep space and the galaxies and nebula that exist there. Use the included Space Projector to project each of the celestial bodies from the study guide onto your wall! This kit and study guide are perfect for classroom lessons, homeschool settings, and even for an educational afternoon activity with your kids! We are very impressed with the quality of materials and especially the educational value of the curriculum the study guide offers! For ages 6 and up. Artec's line of science educational supplies for classrooms are a great source for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and curriculum development for elementary, middle, and high schools. Artec is dedicated to developing a hands-on educational experience through their fun and innovative line of products.

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