Alpha Omega Publications WS 005 Supplement, Volume 5

Alpha Omega Publications WS 005 Supplement, Volume 5 This book has been designed to be used in connection with The Weaver Curriculum. The activities and objectives suggested in the Sixth Grade level may serve as a starting point for the 7-12 Grade student with the student progressing to encompass the activities and areas of study suggested within this book. To unify your home school always start with the Sixth Grade ideas and go more in depth. If your student already knows that information then spend more time on the suggested topics and ideas in this supplement. Keep in mind that it is not so important what year a student studies specific material but it is important to know that they have covered everything they need to know in the 7-12th grade years and can understand and apply that knowledge. Detailed information on the depth of study needed in each subject is listed in On Eagle s Wings published by The Weaver Curriculum.

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