Complete Idiot’s Guide to Homeschooling

PThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Homeschooling is a step-by-step manual written for the new and inexperienced homeschooler. The explanations, resources, and recommendations apply to families homeschooling for a wide variety of reasons and to families who afterschool their children. If you find yourself teaching subjects you know little about, undecided about what curriculum to choose, or concerned that your children may miss out on band, drama, or sports, this guide provides practical advice from an author who has homeschooled four children./PpbI. HOMESCHOOLING IN NORTH AMERICA TODAY./b/pdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b1. What Is Homeschooling?/b/divbrpdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;The Good Old Days: Homeschooling’s Humble Beginnings. Homeschooling in the Last Century. Is There an Easy Definition?/div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;Homeschool, Home Education, and Home-Based Learning. Unschooling? What’s That? What Does Deschooling Mean? The Bottom Line./div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;Why Homeschool? What’s in It for You?/div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;We Never Settle Down. Learning Just Isn’t Happening. Religious Reasons. Dangerous School Environments. Closer Families. The S Word. Money: The Bottom Line./div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;Defining Your Goal./div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;I Want to Homeschool, but I Can’t Right Now. I Want to Homeschool, but Where Do I Start? One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why Every Homeschool Is Unique./div/pdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.2in;b2. Homeschooling Facts and Figures./b/divbrpdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;How Many Homeschoolers Are There, Really?/div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;According to the NHERI. What the HSLDA Says. Other Studies over the Years. Why These Numbers Are Just Guesstimates./div/ppdiv STYLE=margin-left: 0.4in;How the Numbers Have Grown. Famous Homeschoolers: Pa

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