The Homeschooling Handbook: From Preschool to High School, A Parent’s

bMary Griffith/bis the author ofiThe Unchooling Handbook/i(Prima) and a long-time activist with the Homeschool Association of California. Her two children have always been homeschooled.bDon’t Even Think About Teaching Your Child at Home—Until You Read This Book/bbrDiscover why millions of parents are homeschooling their children. In this revised edition of her groundbreaking book,bMary Griffith/btells you everything you need to know about the fastest-growing educational movement in the country, including:br·When, why, and how to homeschoolbr·Detailed learning ideas for the primary, middle, and teen yearsbr·How to navigate the local regulationsbr·Strategies to avoid burnout and strengthen family relationshipsbr·Resources in the communitty and the homeschooling networkbr·And more!brWhether you’re one of the nearly one million families in the country already homeschooling, planning to take the plunge, or just testing the water, this hands-on book will help!br”biThe Homeschooling Handbook/i/bis a valuable resource for anyone intersted in nurturing their child. Whether you homeschool or not, you will find many fresh ideas for working with children in these pages.”b—Patrick Farenga, publisher,iGrowing Without Schooling/i/bbr”If you’re looking for practical, commonsense advice about homeschooling, if you’re looking for answers to the really tough questions from someone with real insights to the movement, if you’re looking for sensible commentary backed up by experience and saavy, Mary Griffith’sbiThe Homeschooling Handbook/i/bis just what you’re looking for!”b—Helen Hegener, editor,iHome Education Magazine/i/bbDon’t Even Think About Teaching Your Child at Home—Until You Read This Book/bbContents/bbriAcknowledgementsbrTermsbrIntroduction/ibr1. Does Homeschooling Really Work, or What Do We Tell the Grandparents?br?ø

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