Kingdom of Children: Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement

For anyone interested in home schooling, this is the book to read.This is a definitive study. For anyone interested in home schooling, this is the book to read. It musters an impressive array of evidence to explain why parents decide to home school their children, and it carefully considers the consequences of home schooling for these children. In the process, the book dispels many of the criticisms that have emerged around the homeschooling movement. Read sympathetically, the book also poses a significant challenge to the educational philosophies still present in most of the nation’s public schools.–Robert Wuthnow, Princeton UniversitypKingdom of Children offers a rich study of the homeschooling movement. It makes important contributions both to research on education and to the study of social movements. The book’s engaging and elegant style makes it accessible to general readers and students. . . . Firmly grounded in rich ethnography and interviews, Kingdom of Children provides a compelling introduction to the beliefs that increasingly animate public discussion and an exemplary case study of an effort to enact this alternative vision of education and family.–Elisabeth Clemens, University of ArizonaMore than one million American children are schooled by their parents. As their ranks grow, home schoolers are making headlines by winning national spelling bees and excelling at elite universities. The few studies conducted suggest that homeschooled children are academically successful and remarkably well socialized. Yet we still know little about this alternative to one of society’s most fundamental institutions. Beyond a vague notion of children reading around the kitchen table, we don’t know what home schooling looks like from the inside.pSociologist Mitchell Stevens goes behind the scenes of the homeschool movement and into the homes and meetings of home schoolers. What he finds are two very different kinds of home education–one rooted in the liberal

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