Homeschooling Almanac, 2000-2001: How to Start, What to Do, Who to Call, Resources, Products, Teaching Supplies, Support Groups, Conferences, and More

bMary Leppert/bis a founder and publisher of the homeschool newspaperIThe Link/I. She lives and homeschools her teenage son in Newbury Park, California.Today, millions of parents just like you are discovering the unique rewards of homeschooling. With homeschooling, you’re able to help your child achieve academic excellence in a safe environment and acquire the essential values that are the building blocks of future success. Most important, you can customize the learning process to fit your child’s specific needs. Whether you’re already teaching your child at home or are considering it for the first time,biHomeschooling Almanac/i/bis your indispensable guide for homeschooling success. Inside, you’ll discover a world of homeschooling resources, such as:brbr* More than 900 educational products, ranging from books, software, and videos to games, crafts, and science kitsbr* A resource guide for books, magazines, catalogs, prepackaged curricula, cybersources, specific homeschooling methods, religious references, and morebr* A state-by-state breakdown of legal requirements, support groups and homeschooling organizations, and conferencesbr* Detailed descriptions of various homeschooling approachesbr* Insightful interviews with real homeschooling familiesbr* And much more!brbrThis all-encompassing guide cuts across religious and secular lines to help you discover the homeschooling style that’s just right for you and your family.brbr”This is a treasure. Quick, buy it before someone snatches the last copy!”

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