More Home-Based Business Owners Taking Children Out of Schools

The last decade has seen a large increase in the number of people choosing to work from their homes. There are lots of possible reasons for why this is the case, including better encouragement from the government, better access to insurance for small business and employers increasing the about of flexibility they give to their workforce. The list of other motivations probably goes on for miles, but the evidence suggests less people are no longer satisfied with the traditionally 9-5 any more.
It seems that people working home consider the benefits so great that they are also increasingly schooling their children from home as well, a new government study has found. Home schooling has always been an accepted alternative to the traditional eduction method and the government is happy as long as the proper curriculum is being followed. The amount of children being home-schooled in 2001 was 13 million in the States and 3.5 million in the UK. The same study conducted in 2008 found that there had been increases to 19 million and 9 million respectively. It is thought that as one of the biggest motivations for working from home was being able to spend time with family, including children, many thought they would get more benefit if their children stayed at home also
Some groups have spoken out against the rise in home-schooling saying that children need to be among their peers to develop social and interactive skills. Most reference a 1992 study that claimed social intelligence in home-schooled children was below the national average. This study has since been discredited by many since and education experts largely agree that home schooling can be the best choice for some children, and there is no overruling argument to say otherwise.
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